What is it?

What is the overall design of the Extended Stop Arm? It consists of a steel frame attaching to the bus at 3 points which provides protection for the original sign. An aluminum breakaway frame is mounted to the steel frame with 2 nylon shear bolts.
Is it patented?  Yes, the extended stop arm is protected by patent (US 9,245,465 B1).
Is it compatible with any model bus? The product is designed to retrofit on practically any model school bus. The Extended Stop Arm has been installed on 10 different makes of buses of varying age.
Are the lights replaceable? Yes. Lights are individually replaced with a Molex connection, thus saving money by not having to replace all the lights (as is the current practice).
How often do the shear pins have to be replaced? This will depend on road conditions.  Pins should be checked bi-annually and replaced if wear is apparent.  The cost is under a $1.00 for a pair of shear pins.