For Law Enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions about the Extended Stop Arm by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers can frequently be uncertain of the effectiveness of the Extended Stop Arm.  How will this arm extending into the road possibly reduce stop arm violations?  Aren’t the 20 lights on the bus enough?  Our product stops the primary offenders of school bus stop arm violations by putting the stop sign and lights directly in the view of the driver.  Most stop arm violations are committed by drivers that are distracted, tired, rushed, inebriated, or uneducated.  When they are driving down the road, they only have attention for the space directly in front of them.  Hence their frequent claim that they “Didn’t see the bus” or “Didn’t know they had to stop.”  This product puts an end to those claims by notifying the driver right in their face that it is illegal to be in the safe space surrounding the school bus when the red lights are activated.

This proactive measure reduces stop arm violations by 90 percent.  Calls to law enforcement from the school buses are virtually eliminated and the investigation and ticketing of stop arm violators declines dramatically as well.  Below are some of the frequent questions that members of law enforcement pose concerning the Extended Stop Arm.  


  • Is it Legal?  Yes.  The product meets all Federal specifications for a school bus stop arm (FMVSS 131).  Approved by the Chief Counsel of NHTSA.
  •  Is it illegal to impede traffic with the Extended Stop Arm? No.  There is no “traffic” in the lane next to the bus when the reds are on.  If there is a vehicle there, it is an illegally moving vehicle in the Safety Zone that should be ticketed.
  • Is the school liable for damages caused by a motorist that hits the Extended Stop Arm?  No. It is illegal for any other vehicle to occupy the area in which the Extended Stop Arm extends.  The offending vehicle is liable for damages to the sign or bus as well as their own vehicle.
  •  Does the extended sign meet Federal Specifications?  Yes.  The additional sign has the required size and coatings and reflectivity required to meet Federal School Bus standards.
  • Does it count as an additional signNo.  NHTSA has stated that this product counts as the front driver’s side stop arm.  It does not count as an additional rear sign.
  • Should it have a flat red backing, as does the rear sign?  No.  NHTSA has stated that the product should follow the same marking guidelines as the front driver’s side arm.
  • Do the tabs that keep the sign from vibrating cover too much reflectivity?  No.  The tabs cover 1.5 Square inches.  FMVSS 131 allows for up to 5% of the sign to be covered by mounting hardware.  The vibration tabs, mounting hardware, and light surround brackets do not exceed 5%.
  • Is it illegal to hit the Extended Stop Arm?  Yes.  The extension arm and sign is part of the school bus.
  • Are there any other products that actively prevent drivers from passing a stopped school bus?  No.  There are no other products that actively prevent drivers from illegally passing a stopped bus.