The Extended Stop Arm

Bus Safety Solutions, Inc., is the proud creator of the Extended Stop Arm, a patented (US 9,245,465 B1) school bus safety device intended to eliminate stop arm violations. The Extended Stop Arm is an extension of the driver’s side stop sign that works in conjunction with the existing bus stop sign.

Extended Stop Arm


Why do school systems need the Extended Stop Arm?  Tens of thousands of people illegally pass stopped school buses every day.  In the United States this amounts to over 19 MILLION Stop Arm Violations annually. Too many children are killed or seriously injured due to Stop Arm Violations.
Are there any other products that actively alert drivers to the danger of passing a stopped school bus? No other products exist that actively prevent drivers from illegally passing a stopped bus.  A recent study in Virginia using Extended Stop Arms shows an overall decrease in stop arm violations of %55 and up to %89 for routes where this product is installed.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation time:    This aftermarket device is easily installed in less than 2 hours.

Bus compatibility:  The product is designed to work with any model school bus.  Our product is installed in nine states that have included International, Blue Bird, Thomas, and Freightliner model buses, including buses that are over 20 years old.

Lights:  The lights are high visibility LED lights with an enhanced strobe pattern.  Lights are individually replaced with a pin connection, thus saving money by not having to replace all the lights as is the current practice.

Shear Pin replacement:   They should be visually checked during pre-trip inspection by drivers and replaced twice yearly by mechanics.  The cost is less than $1.00 for a pair of shear pins.

Corrosion Resistant:  All metal parts are stainless steel or powder coated to withstand harsh elements and road chemicals.

Extreme Temp:  Certified operation between -30 F and 130 F.  (Keep your kids home outside these temps!)

Options:  Pneumatic Cylinder or Electric Actuator models available.

Shock and Vibration: Rough road, potholes and day-to-day jarring are no match for our durable parts.


Please give one of our dealers or Bus Safety a call for a price quote. Installation is an optional separate charge for every unit.  The Extended Stop Arm can easily be installed by a trained mechanic.

To learn more about Bus Safety Solutions and to order the Extended Stop Arm, email or call 336-671-0838